Welcome to TFT Comenius Project Website!

TFT is Comenius Multilateral Project that  aims at enhancing pupils' learning experience from all participating institutions by means of organizing language learning around the topic of Tales, Festivals and Traditions in Europe. In this project seven schools from Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the U.K. are going to foster European dimension by promoting joint cooperative activities among them. Furthermore we intend not only to integrate foreign language with other curriculum subjects from a CLIL perspective, but also to foster the use of ICT both in communication within the project participants and in final products elaboration. The aim will also be that of reviewing past and present customs in relation to the folklore of the seven participating countries.

 The common work on the project implies that the involved schools achieve a broader perspective regarding European traditions, tales and festivals. Therefore, it makes both students and teachers work on and think of European connections, cultural similarities but also states differences and helps students to reflect upon their own national identities.

The project activities and the project trips and visits contribute to building international friendship and contacts, which help to get direct knowledge about another country, its people, its culture, and therefore foster working against prejudice, xenophobia and racism.

 Moreover our project provides students who usually feel that English as a Foreign language is just another subject, with a real reason to use it, and with an added motivation to learn a different European language. This fact actually follows the European Union language policies, which encourage all its citizens to be multilingual; specifically, they are encouraged to be able to speak two languages in addition to their mother tongue.